CARDEA - Secure Management of Discount Contracts with Health Insurances

The daily challenges concerning discount agreements with health insurances.
Keeping track and enhancing reliability.


It all started very innocently

A rapid progression concerning effort and complexity! Starting in 2007 that has been the experience for many
companies in the pharmaceutical sector who do business with health insurance providers as their "client". Section
130 SGB V and AMNOG laid the initial foundation for a completely new business area centered on discount

Pharmaceutical manufactures were confronted with a whole new set of tasks: Contract administration, discount

reporting, billing audits and many more. With just a few contracts and few health insurance providers the effort can
be manageable, but...



CARDEA: Regain transparency and reliability for calculations and planning!


>>> Download CARDEA-brochure (PDF, 670 kB)

>>> Download the Article "The "Customer" Health Insurance" in the journal "Market Access & Health Policy", Issue 01/16 (339 kB)