ITL-Consulting: Competent, objective & independent

We look after your IT projects: For software solutions that let you reach your aim!

Our know how for your project:
Completely independent of whether it concerns the use of software provided by ITL, a third party or your own
solution: We provide experienced support to help you analyze, plan and realize your project.

Excellence based on experience:
We have long-term relationships with pharmaceutical companies. As such we are very familiar with the specialized
requirements, structures and processes as well as current developments within the sector. This type of specialized
knowledge and practical experience for software development and implementation make our consulting services

We can help based on our external perspective:
Unbiased, independent from software providers and without a preconceived answer. Because each company is
different. Each company has their own special features and needs. Each company requires "their" very own
customized solution.

We work closely with our clients to analyze the existing processes and to set specific requirements. We point out
optimization potentials and develop solutions – while considering all the influencing factors, such as existing
structures, processes and IT systems. And very importantly: We involve all the affected employees.

We assure our clients:
You will receive a solution that optimally supports your business processes.


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