Downloads - Online Tools

Thanks to our online tools ITL staff are able to show you a presentation or provide immediate support - regardless of the location and time. Just as if the support person was sitting right next to you in your office.


How does it work?

The presentation tool allows the ITL staff member to share their screen with you. This means that you can see everything that happens on their screen. Based on the presentation you get a first, visually-based introduction to our company, our products & services while you are still on the phone - easy & convenient through a live feed.

The support tool provides fast and uncomplicated customer support. Through the use of this tool ITL staff are able to gain access to your screen within seconds. This means we can provide lightning fast support whenever you encounter problems.


What do you have to do?

You have to download the relevant exe file in order to be able to share the screen. The program that is used for this is not installed on your computer. 



      presentation tool



          support tool