Satisfied customers as the most valuable factor of success

ITL also thrills in practice.

Case Study | Microsoft Azure Powers All-in-One, Tablet-Based Solution for Medical and Pharmacy Salesforces

Our tablet-based software provides current customer information for sales agents from anywhere, 24/7. Azure offers the reliable deployment of such information, thus laying the foundation for fast data transmission. – Marco Wolf, Head of Software Engineering, ITL GmbH. 



Testimonial | Norbert Strümpel, National Sales Manager, Ashfield Healthcare GmbH

Using TABEA, our Ashfield sales representatives working on behalf of WICK Pharma are able to use first-class devices. Due to the sales folder technology with integrated order registration, sales talks have become smarter.More...



Experience Report | Andreas Schindler, IT Information Manager – Consumer Health, Merck KGaA

ITL staff used significant personal initiative and commitment to very quickly understand the internal processes at our company and generate an accurate view of our requirements. Based on a detailed understanding of pharma-specific processes, ITL was able to develop a number of optimization possibilities and excellent solutions which were then very rapidly implemented. ITL staff were always receptive to modification requests from our side and did so through all phases of the project.

Thanks to ITL we are now are able to work with very high-end  IT solutions. Our workflows are supported optimally with only minimal administrative support. Acceptance by our users is very high due to excellent usability and flexibility of the solutions.

If we do encounter problems or issues we can always count on a swift response by the ITL team. In fact, from a software development perspective we use ITL as a reference partner to measure the performance of other developers. Working with ITL? Anytime



Case Study | InfectoPharm relies on software from ITL GmbH

Everything runs like clockwork at InfectoPharm - ever since the simultaneous implementation in 2012 of SAP as well as software solutions (HERA and PREFID) provided by the Darmstadt-based software development and consulting firm ITL GmbH.

Software from ITL GmbH ensures that the pharmaceutical manufacturer InfectoPharm can i) easily and professionally handle discounting data from pharmacy data centers, ii) rely on maximum security for audits and bookings, and iii) run straightforward processes to update pricing with automatic pricing and validity checks. More....



Testimonial | IStephan Börner, Sales Director - Consumer Health, Merck Selbstmedikation GmbH, Darmstadt

We as Merck Selbstmedikation are already successfully working together with ITL for over 20 years. This trustfully and highly innovative cooperation has led to the introduction of a tablet-CRM-software, developed at record time by ITL. It represents an innovation on the market and secures a real advantage in competition for us.