Customized Software

Every business has its very own specific structure and fits within a specific business environment. It is oftentimes impossible to identify standardized business software that can handle very specific and complex processes without having to make compromises. In such cases where the software is not optimally integrated into the work processes it is necessary for users to adapt to the software. For day-to-day operations this means added and oftentimes unnecessary time and effort.

The Solution: Customized software as a real factor for success!
Customized software that is tailored to exactly meet the specific requirements and needs. Individualized solutions support smooth and efficient processes in a business.

Client advantages:

  •  optimal support for workflows
  •  all influencing factors and framework conditions are considered
  •  automatic import of data from other systems
  •  adjustments to changing requirements/framework conditions are possible at all times
  •  staff can focus on their key responsibilities instead of having to master complicated software

Conclusion: Customized solutions are extremely efficient!


"Many businesses can't find a suitable IT systems that properly meet their specific requirements. In such cases ITL provides a more effective and oftentimes also more cost-effective alternative to standardized business software – the customized solution." (Martin Linke)