ITL Pharma Cube (IPC) - A Modular Software System

ITL Pharma Cube: A modular software system that has been specifically designed for fast-paced pharmaceutical businesses.

ITL Pharma Cube combines the advantages of commercial off-the-shelf software with the advantages of customized software solutions.

  • it provides the level of security found in commercial off-the-shelf software
  • based on the wide range of customization options it is possible to optimally adapt the software to the very specific and unique business processes of the client


ITL Pharma Cube modules can be used in the following ways by our clients:

  • use of individual modules as cost-effective solutions for specific requirements
  • use as a whole system for integrated handling of diverse and complex business processes

Substantial synergies can be gained through the use of several modules that work together. This is of course also the case when the integration of modules into a working system - according to the specific requirements - is planned and implemented at very different points in time.


ITL Pharma Cube: Maintaining an overview and achieving objectives when doing business with health insurance providers.



The ITL Pharma Cube fulfills all the requirements put to a modern Electronic Territory Management System (ETMS). Even though the majority of modules can be used on their own their particular strengths are best realized when working together in an integrated system.


  >>> Download IPC brochure (PDF, 657 KB)