IPC - Specialized Modules

The ITL Pharma Cube consists of numerous modules that can be combined as required but can also for the most part be used as stand-alone units.

The following pages provide a detailed overview of several key modules of the ITL Pharma Cube. These modules excel through unique functionalities that were developed specifically to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical businesses.


  • HERA: The analysis tool for mandatory discount data.

  • CARDEA: The complete solution for optimal processing of discount agreements and tenders with health insurances.

  • TABEA: The tablet-based all-in-one solution for the pharmaceutical sales force.

  • PREFID: The software tool for efficient pricing management.

  • LAWEA: Inventory loss compensation: Minimal effort through efficient processing.

  • MARA: The management system to support regulatory affairs managers.

  • KOSIMA: The telephone contact management solution for customized integration.