HERA - The Analysis Tool for Mandatory Discounts

HERA serves to manage discount data from data centers. As such it also supports invoice auditing. The entire process - from simple import and invoice auditing incl. relevant analyses - is supported by HERA.

HERA's objective:

  • management  of monthly settlement data from pharmacy data centers (ARZ) resulting from the Contribution Rate Stability Act (Beitragssatzsicherungsgesetz) 2003

  • support of the entire process from simple import to invoice auditing incl. relevant analyses


The challenges for pharmaceutical businesses:

For the affected pharmaceutical businesses the Contribution Rate Stability Act (Beitragssatzsicherungsgesetz) 2003/AVWG/AMNOG & Co means:

  • high and complex invoices for auditing

  • settlement data from the ARZ are not directly readable

  • different data formats for national- and private healthcare insurances

  • frequent changes to the legal framework


The Solution: 

HERA avoids the resulting high administrative effort. Just the push of a button imports ARZ settlement data, performs validity checks and flags mistakes in the settlement data.

This provides an excellent foundation for invoice auditing. Comprehensive insight and analyses are possible. Especially interesting: customized analyses are as easy as child's play.

All processes take place within an integrated system. Usability is not only enjoyable and secure but also very easy. This helps to prevent any uncontrolled proliferation with respect to filing, or different data- and analysis sets. Clearly structured and easy-to-use with a range of functionalities that lets little to be desired.

Extensions to the data structure according to the framework agreement concerning the processing of mandatory discounts dated July 1, 2006 (see BAH-aktuell 91/2006 dated July 11, 2006) have already been taken into consideration. General developments in the area of the German Medicines Act (AMG) are followed closely. Meaningful and necessary modifications and enhancements are implemented in HERA in short notice.

HERA is a self-contained fully operational module of the ITL Pharma Cube that can be provided as an immediately deployable complete version. Of course it is possible to integrate HERA into already existing IT systems.

HERA at a glance:

  • simple data import with the push of a button

  • intuitive user interface

  • comprehensive validity checks (manufacturer, PZN (german pharmaceutical article-no.), invoice amount, discount types, ...)

  • price freeze consideration

  • detailed logging of errors

  • comprehensive analyses options

  • straightforward export to Excel for revenue comparisons

  • graphical analysis

  • printing results as tables

  • integrated dashboard

Additional options:

  • filing of affiliated pharmacies according to the German Pharmaceutical Industry Association (BPI)

  • validation based on ABDA data

  • in those cases where direct sales play a significant role: comparison of settlement data with your own billing data

  • integration into an existing IT infrastructure to optimize audits with respect to customers and products


>>> Download HERA-Flyer (PDF, 210 kB)

>>> Download HERA - Case Study InfectoPharm (PDF, 262 kB)