KOSIMA - Meaningful Contact Management

Objective of KOSIMA: The telephone contact management solution for customized integration.

KOSIMA is designed to optimally support marketing initiatives and provide effectivity metrics. Customized conversation guidelines for initiatives are defined and filed by the team leader. Customers are called directly through the system. The caller has all the relevant information in front of them displayed in a clear and concise manner. 

KOSIMA for various requirements:

  • use in companies without a dedicated call center to carry out initiatives in-house
  • use in companies with a dedicated call center
  • use in call center service provider-type companies

Of course all of the performance features of KOSIMA are available for all use case scenarios, thereby also allowing for implementation in mixed use case scenarios.


KOSIMA for all sizes of a business:

KOSIMA can handle telephone-based customer interactions for nearly all sizes of companies.


KOSIMA with excellent functionalities:

... for the user:

  • generate conversation guidelines without needing to have programming skills
  • complex conversation guidelines that use decision tree-type structures
  • appealing, easy-to-use interface
  • comprehensive, customized analysis


... and as far as strategy goes:

  • open for interfaces in all sectors
  • high degree of adaptability to specific business requirements
  • unlimited, individually customizable possibilities for expansion
  • option to integrate into pre-existing IT infrastructure