LAWEA - Efficient Handling of Loss Compensation of Stock Value

Process optimization saves costs and frees up resources:
Convenient handling and effective use of staff.

Product prices were lowered or the maximum allowable pharmaceutical drug cost paid for by health insurance providers was adjusted once again - and right away countless stock value loss notifications from pharmacies come pouring in: by fax, mail, merchandise & inventory management system or web service. Oftentimes it is just about cent amounts: nevertheless - they all need to be processed.

For many companies that means significant personnel and financial commitments. Qualified staff spend a significant amount of time on entries, audits and creation of credit notes.

LAWEA simplifies all necessary steps: Time and personnel commitments are reduced which in turns makes qualified resources accessible again and helps to significantly reduce cost.

The particular advantage provided by LAWEA: The intuitive system is designed to be extremely user-friendly, so much so that no specialist knowledge whatsoever is required to enter incoming documents. That means that this process step can be cost-effectively handled by less-skilled workers. 


>>> Download LAWEA-brochure (PDF, 462 kB)