PREFID – The Complete Solution for Price Management

Price changes without any hassles:
Easy, fast, secure, structured.

Enormous time pressure, high degree of administrative effort, significant amount of data processing – all of these are annoying side effects with regularly recurring changes in the price of goods. Decisions on pricing are made more difficult with uncertainties that concern competitor pricing and the effects of changes in the pricing of your own goods.

PREFID makes pricing management significantly easier, faster and more structured. All the way from price entry and -release to providing IFA with notice, and setting up new pricing lists.

Automatic price outputs and a number of analytic tools help to save time and reduce mistakes. Fast access to competitor pricing data (IFA-info data) as well as impact analysis provide a solid foundation for pricing decisions and allow optimal prices to be set.


PREFID: Less effort through smart processing - more time for pricing decisions!



>>> Download PREFID-brochure (PDF, 394 kB)

>>> Download PREFID - Case Study InfectoPharm (PDF, 262 kB)