Customer Service

The ITL Pharma Cube module "Customer Service" combines a number of processes dealt with by internal customer services into a centralized portal - the cockpit. The challenge to create a lean software solution without gaps was met. Aside from the simplification of various administrative tasks Inbound and Outbound are essential components.

The cockpit provides significant support for personalized and highly qualified customer service. This leads to an increase in customer ­satisfaction and loyalty. The customer is front and center.

Just as the entire ITL Pharma Cube this module can be integrated into a preexisting IT infrastructure and customized for the specific business ­processes that are in place.




Customer advantage:

  • faster informations
  • direct access during a call
  • standardization in the field of surface design (intuitively)
  • streamlining workflows
  • increased timeliness of data
  • shorter processing timesbetter and constant willingness to provide information
  • better customer service: The customer is front and center.
  • stronger customer loyalty: improved decision-making bases
  • better image
  • cost reduction