The cockpit

The cockpit is the central user interface - in this case specifically for the "customer service" aspect - that allows direct access to key modules and processes right during a phone conversation with the caller. The cockpit of the communication center provides significant support for personalized and highly qualified customer service.

Goal: The customer is front and center - customer satisfaction and retention are increased.

Examples for features that can be integrated into the cockpit include:

  • favorites (compilation of essential documents)
  • client history
  • dispatch logs
  • resubmission
  • order status - overview
  • ...

In thise cases where a caller can be identified via the telephone number a complete overview of the customer information is displayed just-in-time (Computer Telephone Integration – CTI):

  • master data
  • order overview
  • graphical presentation of revenue
  • contacts overview
  • ...

Once the customer is identified all processes are registered by the system and automatically forwarded if applicable. If at all possible all activities should be completed concurrently with the phone conversation - without requiring time spent on subsequent follow-on work. Aside from the straightforward presentation of all customer orders and invoices it also possible for example to query product and inventory information. Even while the phone conversation is still ongoing order conformations, product informational materials or any other type of - personally addressed - documents can be sent out via fax or e-mail - corporate identity with the push of a button.

Management and information related to field services is completely integrated. This ensures smooth cooperation between internal customer services and field services.


Client advantage: No time spent on follow-on work, corporate identity with the push of a button, smooth information flow to field services.