Contact Management

Objective of the module: Sustainable improvement of customer relations due to the standardized view of customer information and existing customer processes.

The administrative effort, especially for field services, is significantly reduced through the reduction of media discontinuities based on an integrated flow of information. The quality of customer service delivery as well as customer profitability assessments are greatly enhanced through additional optimization and the integration of all customer information.

Functionalities (excerpt):

  • master information is tailored towards specific groups of customers
  • condensed view of all customer information on a customer service card
  • option to record personal characteristics
  • managing special indicators and target group indicators
  • creation of RPM-, RPI- and/or RVI segments
  • managing group purchasing organizations or various types of partnerships (including those between pharmacy and doctor)
  • definition of block- and delete indicators
  • comprehensive overview of all customer information, suitable for viewing during a phone conversation
  • managing several types of partnerships (wholesale, doctor, pharmacy, ...)
  • linking all points of interaction that have been made with a customer such as orders, visits, complaints, mail, (telephone) requests


Conclusion: The customer is front and center.