Module for Tender (Pricing)

Objective of the module: Calculating the effects of price changes with respect to the associated mandatory discounts as well as the planning for reductions of the maximum allowable pharmaceutical drug cost paid for by health insurance providers.

The tender module represents an extension of the health insurance provider module (CARDEA). It is designed to help answer such questions as:

  • How much can we offer?
  • What are the consequences for a given price (for example concerning contribution margins)?


Functionalities (excerpt):

  • support for the entire costing chain from sales to gross sales all the way to EBIT
  • detailed costing on several levels such as PZN (German pharmaceutical article-no.), molecule and others. This can be done for all of Germany, sub-regions (AOK-defined) or a combination of both
  • calculation/comparison of any processes (tenders)
  • calculation/comparison of different scenarios (costing based on modified assumptions, parameters)

Various parameters can set/modified on the process scenario level or the detail level, such as for example:

  • target - market share
  • nec-aut-idem quote
  • markup for cost of goods
  • discount
  • HAP/ApU
  • cost of goods

They are calculated with or without overhead. Various limit values can be set to optimize the overview.


Optional: The tender module can be expanded with the tender documentation.
This tool is designed to manage and document tender processes.