Reporting Tool

Objective of the reporting tool:

Aggregation of all types of analysis, statistics and receipts in one centralized place.

Short description:

Comprehensive, scalable reporting- and analysis tool with a consistent interface that allows for the detailed analysis of sales processes on several aggregate levels. Individual reports can be either generated directly through specific modules or through the reporting tool. With just the push of a button they can be sent via fax or mail to any recipient or group of recipients.

Functionalities (excerpt):

  • ad hoc reporting
  • preconfigured reporting
  • not only retrospective reporting but also target-oriented reporting
  • daily posting of target achievement levels and extrapolations
  • extraction from complex reports, such as territory status
  • summary of all information that is relevant for a specific process
  • corporate design with the push of a button
  • structurally organized based on the top-down principle with various linkages within the system
  • multi-level access administration

The functionalities are relevant to all segments integrated into the ITL Pharma Cube