Logistics Management

Logistics management is a module of the ITL Pharma Cube to be used for distribution center operations. It includes warehouse management, packaging, order preparation as well as shipping & handling. It satisfies a number of pharma-specific requirements such as for example batch management and batch documentation.

It can operate either:

  • as part of a variety of other IT systems (Siemens/Nixdorf, custom systems, SAP etc.) provided by the client, or
  • as a stand-alone system -  for example, expanded with the order entry module - without connecting to other client-based systems


Special characteristics include:

  • random warehouse management with multiple optimization functionalities
  • dynamically managed block storage areas
  • several - and if necessary, multi-level - order preparation lines
  • multitenancy: several businesses at one site
  • connectivity to IT systems of all types of transport companies
  • option to integrate into a forklift control system
  • full control over the movement of all goods through the use of barcode- or transponder/RFID systems
  • various "entry points" for clients throughout the IT process chain, for example:

    - transfer of data for goods receipt notification, incl. if necessary transfer of master data
    - complete transfer of data (incl. prepacking data and carrier requirements) for the processing of order preparations
    - processing of order preparations based on "raw" order data
    - full service: master data management, order entry, prepacking, order preparation, selection of transport means