MedSci - Inquiry Management

Medical-scientific type of inquiries are received on a daily basis by businesses. The medical-scientific component is responsible for responding to and documenting inquiries made by healthcare professionals (doctors, clinics, pharmacies), patients or even from field services.

Objective of the module:

"Medical-Scientific Inquiry Management" for the documentation of inquiries supports the entire process from accepting the call (if applicable, through reception), taking the inquiry all the way to finalizing the process by responding to the inquiry and/or sending out informational material. Furthermore, specific questions that are frequently asked about a given product can be filed together with the answers (FAQ).

The tool incorporates automatic call number recognition (CTI), simplifies the process of finding answers, and documents the entire process. The latter then also makes possible analysis based on various criteria.


Functionalities (excerpt):

  • all dates/times and entries are automatically logged (who/when process start, work on process etc.)
  • future call number recognition is optimized by entering the call numbers used for inquiries into the system.
  • the complete process is archived within the ITL Pharma Cube and can be monitored at all times (incl. a status indicator).

Optional: By request it is possible to allow for changes to be made to the master data (which will affect the master data base).


Multiple possibilities for analysis:

  • each process can be printed separately
  • summary statistics can be generated that address various types of issues:

          - When was a complaint made?
          - What product was complained about?
          - How many complaints were made about a specific product?
          - When do inquiries spike?
          - How often is a specific inquiry made?



MedSci – Food safety data base

This module of the ITL Pharma Cube serves to develop a data base as well as to manage and administer responses to questionnaires, for example incompatibilities to specific food items.