Operational Planning/Forecasting

Operational planning and forecasting are regular topics for marketing and controlling. The demand for accurate planning continues to increase. By offering an appropriate planning module, the ITL Pharma Cube provides such accurate and easy-to-use functionality and even includes an integrated "sandbox". Different scenarios can be simulated within this sandbox.


Functionalities (excerpt):

  • planning on the level of PZN (german pharmaceutical article-no.) as well as on a monthly basis
  • a so-called PZN planning sheet is available for full data maintenance of each PZN
  • following the change of a detail entry the results data (on the product group level) are displayed beneath the planning sheet
  • monthly sales (and revenue if applicable) are displayed above the planning sheet for informational purposes
  • product selection - supported through the integrated authorization scheme (see below) - takes place either by individual selection or through selection of an article group and double-click of the desired PZN
  • primarily, planning occurs on the level of sales. However, planning on the level of distribution channels is also possible: wholesalers, pharmacies, direct, clinics as well as a non-specific "dummy channel" (for example, sales to internet pharmacies, direct sales to patients, ...)
  • a further option is for planning on the level of revenues. Either specifically by PZN and month or through entry of a total value for a product group leading to the creation of a proposal based on historical values down to PZN- and monthly levels. A distinction is made between Individual revenue groups
  • yearly values for set distribution patterns (cyclic, anticyclical, ...) can be broken down on a monthly basis
  • such distribution patterns can also be defined on the individual user level (definition of percentage share per month)
  • determine the "optimal" initial stocking level for new product launches: utilization of financial indicators that are provided in connection with the expected market share
  • integration of customer-based planning - also considering existing customer differentiations
  • consideration for the planning of sales deductions
  • integration of advertising materials planning