In the area of "Quality" ITL Pharma Cube offers a number of modules. Examples include:



Order Management

In the context of order management some of the issues that are taken into account include:

  • creating an organizational plan for

          - direct sales (incl. returns/credit note)
          - transfer sales and
          - drop shipping

  • servicing different types of distribution channels:

          - pharmacy and
          - wholesaler

  • customized and modifiable (on a daily basis) encryption of pricing and conditions (important for the pharmaceutical sector and in particular for generics)
  • individualized customer service (for example key accounts)
  • routine tasks are automated
  • each customer is contacted individually at the appropriate time with the right message
  • management of various delivery and value dates within an order
  • managing partnerships (wholesale, doctor, pharmacy, ...)
  • management of bonus payments, annual arrangements, top customers, top customer refunds
  • success monitoring
  • overview of sales and returns



Partnership Management

Objective of the module:  Managing all information, contacts and documents, that are relevant in the context of partnerships and various customer groups.

It can also be used to operationally support the creation of settlements or the generation of calculations. The partnership tool forms the basis for numerous subsequent steps all the way to discount proposals within an order entry.


Functionalities (examples):

  • filing of contracts (scan or structured)
  • definition of conditions on partnership- or selection indicator levels
  • support for statistics, analyses and profitability analysis
  • support refunds
  • support advance preparation of conversations/discussions