Customer Visit Preparation/Documentation

Customer Visit Preparation

The module "Customer Visit Preparation" provides field services with a sophisticated tool to prepare for customer visits. Aside from the optimally integrated appointment management functionality the relevant selection of customers to be visited is placed front and center.

Objective: Selecting the optimal group of customers who best fit the main focus of the current campaign.

Detailed information to evaluate the customer can be displayed and printed for each selected customer. A listing of customers selected for visits is just as much part of customer visit preparation as are detailed fact sheets or individual order sheets.

The immediate preparation for a client visit consists of a printable visit preparation sheet/customer index card containing the most important and relevant information that relates to the customer visit. In general, it is possible to differentiate between the client groups doctor and pharmacy (in the future also health insurance providers).


Visit reporting

Expenses are captured in the daily report and can be broken down to allow for very differentiated recording of different classes of expenses.

As part of customer visits it is necessary for field service representatives to systematically capture various types of information, for example:

  • pharmacy: order, visit, placing, agreements, qualitative characteristics, ...
  • doctor: consultations, samples issued, agreements, ...

Data are recorded centrally through a so-called customer contact to simplify this process as much as possible.


In those cases where a section of field services exclusively visits pharmacies it is possible to integrate visit reporting directly with order entry. As such, a separate module for visit recording is not necessary anymore.