Daily Report/Expense Recording

The recording of daily reports already takes into account all of the previously recorded information (for example orders). Information that is captured on top of that - such as type of activity, working hours or distance traveled - are used as the basis for recording expenses in field services.

In addition, each field service representative receives a graphical overview of all the reports that have been created incl. status information displayed in a calendar format. Furthermore, the option exists to analyze expenses (dynamically, and with freely adjustable scales).

Expenses - integrated for recording in the daily report - considers the following criteria (among others):

  • trip recording
  • receipt recording
  • differentiating between different vehicles
  • determining meal per diems
  • generating necessary billing documents
  • and much more

Considering both the individually recorded activities and the daily report the corresponding travel expenses and meal per diems can be tracked.

Vehicle management & assignment functionality is provided to individual staff members to allow travel distance to be tracked. An option is also available to analyze expenses (dynamically, and with freely adjustable scales).