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One thing first:
Our standard solutions are highly flexible!

Our goal: The optimal solution for our customers.


The analysis tool for
manufacturer discounts

Comprehensive services with
high time and safety gains.

Import ARZ data, perform plausibility checks and report errors at the "push of a button".
Reduces the effort, gives security and even evaluations become "a walk in the park".


The all-rounder for discount deals with health insurers

Maintaining an overview, managing complexity, gaining security.

Manage a multitude of data, complex processes and countless interdependencies with just one tool.
Keep track of information on health insurance companies, contracts and tenders at all times.


The all-in-one tablet solution for your sales force

Innovative, convenient and
amazingly simple

Customer indes card, visit,, order entry, expense recording, sales folder, tour planning, presentation, communication.
Fast and easy with a charming, intuitive user interface that is also a lot of fun. All on just one tablet PC!


The solution for relaxed price management

Fast, simple and secure
processing of price changes.

From price entry & price approval to IFA reporting and creation of new price lists: PREFID saves time and avoids errors. Highlights: Fast usability of competitor prices (IFA data) & impact analysis.


Efficient handling of inventory value loss notifications

Process optimization minimizes
the use of resources.

Minimization of personnel costs due to high degree of automation: data import, plausibility checks, printing & dispatch of credit notes. Advantage: Only non-plausible receivables need to be checked by specialists.


Elegant handling of
Regulatory Affairs

Central and clear
management of approvals.

Data, documents, files, authority communication centrally in one database.
On top: user-friendly design, integrated task & deadline management as well as numerous additional functions.